Nautilus - Snails, Shells, and Mollusks in Photography

January 13 to April 29, 2018

Opening: January 12, 2018, 7 pm
Opening Remarks: Dr. Christiane Stahl

In addition to plants and crystals, snails, shells, and mollusks are among the “structural forms in nature” that particularly fascinated the photographers of the modern era. The Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation is presenting the first exhibition dedicated exclusively to this photographic subject matter along with an accompanying catalogue. The starting point of the exhibition is the collection of photographs from the estate of Alfred Ehrhardt, which the photographer published in his photo books ›Muscheln und Schnecken‹ (Shells and Snails, 1941) and ›Geprägte Form‹ (Shaped Form, 1968).

The human interest in the shells of sea creatures and snails dates back to the earliest civilizations and has made its mark on the history of culture, and the visual arts in particular. Within this longstanding tradition the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation is focusing on a particularly distinctive period in which scientific and artistic perspectives coincide: snails, shells, and mollusks in modern photography.


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