Panel Discussion: Planetary Echoes. Exploring the Implications of Human Settlement in Space

Najjar_sands of mars.jpg

Xavier De Kestelier, Architect

Xavier De Kestelier is Principal and Head of Design Technology and Innovation at HASSELL. He previously co-Headed the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster+Partners where he lead several projects with both ESA and NASA. The research was focussed on how Moon and Mars Habitats could be 3D printed with local regolith.

Michael Najjar, Artist

In his latest work internationally renown German artist Michael Najjar focuses on the idea of exploration and of future human settlements in space. His photo- and videographic compositions capture echoes of formal and thematic similarities between other moons and planets in the solar system and our home planet.

Tim Smit

With a background in Archeology and Anthropology as well as a career in the music industry, Sir Tim Smit is also Executive Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of the Eden Project in Cornwell, England. The Eden Project aims to educate people about environmental matters and consists of two biomes that contain different eco-climates; rainforest and Mediterranean.


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