Andrej Zdravič - Ocean Cantos (Film Installation)

Consisting of three simultaneous sound/film projections, the installation focuses on the immense power of ocean waves and arouses the physical sensations that one feels when closely observing the sea in real life the experience of pulsating energy, the contrast between the peaceful calm and the implicit danger emanating from the sea. In the darkened space of the Foundation the viewers are immersed in the expanses of ocean horizons, changing in appearance with the alternating rhythms of the waves and light. In another instance, the camera playfully follows the shadow of a fine layer of sand floating on the water, conveying the vitality of nature in the microcosm.

"Andrej Zdravič began making films in 1973, inspired by his passion for music and for nature which forever marked his work…. In the course of his many journeys, the filmmaker explored the spectacles of the planet to rediscover an innocence of the eye by elevating natural elements to an emotional leitmotiv. Are we to see in Zdravič a manifestation of new age cinema, an allegiance to a pagan ritual, or a metaphysical reflection of a sage amidst a world that went mad? In any event, we are taken by the magnificence of the images heightened by delightful sonorities, mixing music and natural sounds. The films of Andrej Zdravič are a liturgy from which we emerge appeased, for we return from a different world, a world where the energy is spectacle; illuminated, imbued with alas, too evanescent serenity" (Jean-Michel Bouhours, Centre Pompidou, Actualités 2, 1994).

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